Gratitude for Donors

The Chemistry Department would like to offer heartfelt thanks to the generous donors who supported us with financial gifts from September 2020 through May 2022. Your gifts are welcome and much appreciated.

The following donors contributed to the Chemistry Special Gifts Fund: Dr. Dennis Bleile ‘72 & Patricia Bleile, Bob Britcher ’68, Mildred DeVita, Brittany Loh ’22, Dr. Ron Myers ’69 & Ewha Myers, Doris Pickel Schumacher ’69, Dr. Anne Kuhlmann Taylor ’66 & Dr. Jerry Taylor.Jen Becker ’97, Bob Britcher ’68, Amy Lucadamo ’00 & Tim Funk ’00, Ewah and Ron Myers ’69, Anne Kuhlmann Taylor ’66 and Jerry Taylor.

Dr. Molly Hoke ’95 donated to the Rowland Memorial Fund in support of the Science Center Complex.

In 2018, Gettysburg College established a fund in honor of retired Chemistry Department faculty members, Prof. Joe Grzybowski and Prof. Bill Parker. The fund supports student/faculty research in the Chemistry Department. Donors to the Parker-Grzybowski Fund include Dr. Dennis Bleile ’72 & Patricia Bleile, Dr. Ken. Hess ’82 & Julie Hess, Dr. Bruce Johnson ’70 & Kyonggeun Yoon, Dr. Mike Lawlor ’92 & Ann Lawlor, Dr. Stephanie Maiocco ’10, Keith McDaniel ’80 & Linda McDaniel, Dr. Tina Tao ’05 & Dr. Jeff Maynes ’05, Dr. Vincent Venditto ’03 & Kristie Colón.Mary Lou & Richard Strunk ’63, Steve Lind ’73, Tina Tao Maynes ’05 & Jeff Maynes ’05, Linda & Keith McDaniel ’80, Patricia & Dennis Bleile ’72, Kyonggeun Yoon ’70 & Bruce Johnson, Kristie Colon & Vince Venditto ’03.

The following donors made gifts to the Gettysburg Fund, which helps support ongoing expenses of the college. Donors include: Dr. Albert Accettola, Jr. ’67 & Iris Accettola, Frank Barr ’75 & Wendy Patterson Barr ’76, Jen Becker ’97, Dr. Erin Podlesny Brown ’07 & Tim Brown, Dr. Loren Buhle, Jr. ’80 & Alycia Mallon-Buhle, Dr. Ben Chaloner-Gill ’86 & Sandra Weymouth, Mark Chamberlin ’87 & Deana Chamberlin, Dr. Rob Clontz, II ’04 & Jessica Leonard, Bob Drawbaugh ’69 & Carol Drawbaugh, George Farley, Jr. ’59 & Sally Farley, Dr. Holly Thomas ’89 & John Finegan ’89, Elizabeth Shearer Fisher ’90 & Bob Fisher, Abby Golin ’03, Lois & William Gorodetzer P’05, Nolan Graham ’21, Walter Greif ’60, Dick Guise ’67 & Diane Guise ’91, Emily Harrison ’18, Dr. John Hohneker ’81 & Donald Vincent, Jr., Dr. Molly Hoke ’95, Dr. David Jones ”70 & Anya Kirvan, Dr. Richard Keeports ’62 and Bonita Keeports, Dale Kiddoo ‘ 85, Darby Kiley ’97, Dr. Jack Kline ‘ 59 & Anne Heckler Kline ’60, Dr.Bob Knopf ’54 & Mary Jane Knopf, Winnie Shearer Kost ’57, Dr. Gordon Kotora ’87 & Vivian Kotora, Dr. Art Kriner ’65 & Jean Kriner, George Krone ’59, Julie Laudenschlager ’16, Connie Hedland Lee ’64 & Jack Lee, Steve Lind ’73, Edward Lis, Jr. ’02, Jordyn Markle ’22, Marilyn Orner Miller ’85 & Shane Miller, Joanne Tittle Miller ‘ 47 & William S. Miller, III, Dr. Eileen Quickel Monson ’72 & Dr. Tom Monson, Cynthia Bergman Myers ’81 & Ronald Myers, Lynn Myers ’81, David Naser, Jr. ’83 , Dr. Oak Oakley ’61 & Jane Oakley, Deb Otis ’73, Jake Perkins ’21, Kristin ‘ Christopher Perkins P’21, Dr. Taylor Plank ’12 & Dr. Luke Cuculis ’12, Abby Reitz ’21, Dr. Jeanne Scott Robinson ’57 & Mr. Douglas Robinson, Graham Sauers ’11 & Kylie Schleicher Sauers ’11, Dr. Steven Schram ’73 & Diane Lazarus, Doris Pickel Schumacher ’69, Gail Seygal ’67, Dick Simpson ’59 & Dottie Lloyd Simpson ’59, Dr. John Socey ’63 & Charley Socey, Vivian Soullaird ’22, Dr. Adam Steel ’92 & Lisa Evans Steel ’92, Brad Steffens P’10 & Nancy Murray P’10, Bryan Stokes-Cawley ’14, Dr. Richard Strunk ’63 & Mary Lou Strunk, Dr. Vincent Venditto ’03 & Kristie Colón, Josh Wagner ’19, Alison Kranitz Walsh ‘ 93 & Dr. Nathan Walsh, Oscar Weber, Taden Welsh ’21, Karen & Troy Werley P’23, Dr. Sharon Hilgen Willis ’88 & Dr. David Willis ’90, Peter Zhang ’21.

We would like you to know that gifts to the Chemistry Special Gifts Fund or to the Parker-Grzybowski Fund directly benefit Chemistry Department programs and students.

Gifts designated for the Chemistry Department without a specified fund go to the Gettysburg Fund, supporting ongoing, college-wide expenses.

If you would like the Chemistry Department to have direct access to your donation to support student/faculty research, student participation in conferences, instrumentation upgrades or repairs and other specific needs of the department, please make a note on your donation indicating “Chemistry Special Gifts or “Parker-Grzybowski Fund”.

If you choose to make an on-line donation, you can do so here or by going to the Gettysburg College homepage and clicking on “Make a Gift”. In the Designations portion of the on-line form, select “Other or multiple designations”. Slide the bar to the right of the pop-up down to the bottom, select “Other Fund(s)”, and hit the Continue button. In the box under “Please Specify”, type the fund name (e.g. Chemistry Special Gifts or Parker-Grzybowski Fund).