Professor Wedlock

Prof. Wedlock and Danielle Sicotte (’22 Chem/Physics) worked together on a collaborative project with Professor Luley from the Classics and Anthropology Departments on a project to stabilize metal objects recovered from an archaeological survey of a house formerly located between Pennsylvania Hall and Musselman Library. Among other uses, the house served as a residence for the College janitor’s family. The house was built in the 1830s and remained in use until the 1920s.

Photo of Professor Wedlock

Danielle tested different electrochemical techniques to try and stabilize objects recovered from the dig, including various types of handmade and machine-made nails that were used during different periods in the lifetime of the house. Danielle is now pursuing graduate work in conservation chemistry at Jesus College, one of the colleges of Cambridge University in the UK.

Photo of students working at an archological dig on campus
Students searching for artifacts at the archaeological dig site on campus