Professor Jameson

Prof. Jameson continued to work on several projects associated with cobaloximes. Emma Armstrong (’22 Chem) returned to continue work on cobaloximes of camphorquinone dioxime during the summer of 2021. She made six new compounds during her research work and they represent the first chiral cobaloximes reported. She was able to grow high quality crystals of four of the compounds and, in collaboration with Prof. Nathan Schley at Vanderbilt University, x-ray crystal structures of those compounds were determined. She was unable to present her work at the 2020 National ACS meeting in Philadelphia due to COVID cancellation, but her results were presented by Prof. Jameson at a poster session at the National ACS meeting in San Diego in March of 2022.

During the summer of 2021, Erin McGrath (’23 Chem) worked on the synthesis of acetylide complexes of cobaloximes. Despite the numerous reports of carbon-bonded cobaloxime complexes, no acetylides have been well-characterized in the literature. We are getting a hint as to why that is – they are proving to be unexpectedly challenging to prepare! Erin will continue to work on the project in during her senior year.

The Jameson Lab: Emma Armstrong, Prof. Jameson, Erin McGrath