Departmental Honors and Awards

The Chemistry Department and the BMB Program traditionally present a number of awards to students who demonstrate commitment and excellence in academics and in their interactions with faculty and fellow students. For many years, Chemistry and BMB faculty presented awards to Teaching Assistants who excelled in this role.  In 2022, we created an additional award to honor the best of our Peer Learning Assistants. Our honorees in 2021 and 2022 are as follows:

Award2022 Recipients2021 Recipients
Departmental HonorsEmma Armstrong, Chem ’22
Vivian Soullaird, Chem ’22
MaKayla Walker, Chem ’22
Paige Ashey, Chem ‘21
Chloe May, Chem ‘21
Jake Perkins, Chem ’21
Election to Phi Beta KappaJake Perkins, Chem ’21
Stine Chemistry PrizeEmma Armstrong, Chem ’22Jake Perkins, Chem ‘21
J.B. Zinn Research AwardJordyn Markle, BMB ’22
Brittany Loh, Chem ’22
Paige Ashey, Chem ‘21
Peter Zhang, BMB ‘21
Chemistry Banner CarrierAbigail Reitz, Chem ’22Chloe May, Chem ‘21
ACS CertificationBrittany Loh, Chem ’22
Keylly Hernandez, Chem ’22
Vivian Soullaird, Chem ’22
Katy Wnuk-Fink, Chem 22
MaKayla Walker, Chem ’22
Abby Reitz, Chem ’22
Carolina Fernandes, Chem ’22
Auden Cameron, Chem ’22
Paige Ashey, Chem ‘21
Matt Coe, Chem ‘21
Jake Perkins, Chem ‘21
Southeastern PA Section of ACS AwardMaKaylah Walker, Chem ’22Paige Ashey, Chem ‘21
Southeastern PA Section of ACS Dr. Judith Bond ScholarshipBryn Werley, Chem ’23Brittany Loh, Chem ’22
Society for Analytical Chemists of Pittsburgh College Chemistry AwardMaKaylah Walker, Chem ’22Paige Ashey, Chem ‘21
ACS Division of Analytic Chemistry – Undergraduate AwardDanielle Sicotte, Chem ’22Abby Reitz, Chem ‘22
ACS Division of Inorganic Chemistry – Undergraduate AwardBryn Werley, Chem ’23Vivian Soullaird, Chem ‘22
ACS Division of Organic Chemistry – Outstanding Senior AwardKathryn Wnuk-Fink, Chem ’22Chloe May, Chem ‘21
ACS Division of Physical Chemistry
Undergraduate Award
Emily Howe, BMB ’23Jake Perkins, Chem ‘21
Organic Chemistry AwardVan Dinh, BMB ’24Bryn Werley, Chem/Music ‘23
General Chemistry Lab Assistant AwardAuden Cameron, Chem ’22
Carolina Fernandes, Chem ’22
River Larson-Pollock, BMB ‘21
Organic Chemistry Lab Assistant AwardDaysiana Godbee, Chem ’22Oliver Pickering, BMB ‘22
Katy Wnuk-Fink, Chem/Bio ‘22
General Chemistry PLA AwardOliver Pickering, BMB ’22
Organic Chemistry PLA AwardKacie Herr, BMB ’22
First Year Chemistry Achievement AwardSneha Jayaram​, Chem ’25Cristin MacIntosh, BMB ‘24
Sceptical Chymists Achievement AwardDylan Kemmerer, BMB ’25Sarah MacDonald, BMB ‘24
Photo - Students, Bryn Werley and MaKayla Walker receive awards
Bryn Werley (’23 Chem, left) and MaKayla Walker (’22 Chem) pose with their awards at the annual Southeastern PA Section of the ACS Education Night at Messiah University

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Program

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